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"Christian Healing for You and Your Family"

Jesus desires to lead you into a living relationship with Himself. He desires to set you free from all bondages and compulsions. He desires to bless you and to minister healing to your family through you. He desires every member of your family to come to know and love Him. He desires to bring great blessing into the world through you. He desires, through you, to break cycles of hurting that have come down through the generations. Follow the steps in this book, and you will experience what it is to live as a son or daughter of the Father.

"St. Kevin and The True Story of Glendalough"

This book includes a special chapter with all you need to know to lead a group pilgrimage in Glendalough;

The truth about the story of St. Kevin and the young lady;

A full analysis of the legend of St. Kevin and the Glendalough Lake Monster;

The debunking of many common misconceptions about St. Kevin and about the Glendalough monastery;

The translation of the Latin 'Life of St. Kevin' into English, complete with a commentary on same;

The first ever indepth analysis of the Irish metrical 'Life of St. Kevin' showing how it was written by up to seven different writers over a period of 700 years, thus givin us a valuable insight into life in Glendalough over this period.

The first ever in-depth analysis of the three Irish 'Lives of St. Kevin' and how they relate to each other.


"I Want To Go To Heaven The Moment I Die"

The exciting 168 page book in which I first analyse near death experiences, and then give the steps for living a life of deep union with Jesus.

Same price as Answering God's Call. One can order a mixture to avail of bulk rates. See below.

Real Love Is Still Possible

A 168 page novel that deals with all the issues concerning relationships, sexuality, and entering a marriage that is truly centred on self-giving love.
A novel that, with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, could transform a person's understanding of both sexuality and marriage.
While written with young adults in mind, it could also prove a real resource for parents.
Same price as Answering God's Call. One can order a mixture to avail of bulk rates. See below.

Answering God's Call
And having one's life transformed - By Thaddeus Doyle C.C.
The book in which I share my own story and many of the spiritual insights I have come into in my first 25 years as a priest.
Ireland incl. N.Ireland 7.50 euro; any 2 Copies 13.50 euro. For bigger amounts, see 'By Courier' at bottom of page. IF you give phone number and an address at which there would be someone home to accept delivery by courier.
Great Britain and Europe : 1 copy 10.00 euro (9.00); Any 2 Copies £14.00 or 15.00 euro, For bigger amounts, First £10.50 courier charge, then books and cds £4.00 each.

Rest of world: Airmail: 1 copy 10.00 euro (9.00), and 2 for 15.00 euro (£14.00), any 8 60.00 euro.

For Bulk Amounts Surface Mail

This only applies to parcels over 2kg and under 5kg. Specify what you want and email for a quotation. For the actual books we would charge our best wholesale rate; and add on the postage.

Sterling prices based on current rate of sterling to euro

Small Booklets


The Young Person's Spirit Powered Life

First Steps in the Spirit Powered Life. Suitable for those aged 7 to 107. Suitable also for family prayer with young people. Select the passages to be used and pray these with the young people. Then help the young people to glimpse Jesus giving them strength for the challenges they face (P. 10); to reflect on how their prayer intentions have been answered (P. 18), and also with what to be thankful for each day (P. 20), and with their Thanksgiving Space (P. 21).

The Spirit Powered Life

I had no plans to write a booklet this year. But unexpectedly, I started to 'see' a possible booklet in my head, and decided to write it over the next six months. When I sat down to write, however, the words just flowed - but not exactly in the direction I was planning.

Even with taking time to find Bible references, the first draft was completed in four days. Recognising that "all prophecy is imperfect" (1 Cor 13:9), and that what I had written contained my thinking as well as God's thinking, I set out to edit out my thinking, and once again I was amazed at how the insights just flowed.

All this happened shortly after I began to speak of the need for the Holy Spirit to do something totally new in our land today, and had started to pray and to call on others to pray for this new movement of the Holy Spirit to take place. I believe this is part of God's response.

Life Changing Novenas

The Fullness of Life Novena (A Spiritual Warfare Novena)

The Novena of Surrender (Received by mystic Fr. Dolindo Ruotolo)

The Forgiveness Novena

Three Novenas that are specially designed to open you to the power of God.

They are also specially designed to enable you to pray with power into difficult personal and family situations.

You can have Jesus, the Lord, the God of creationm living within you.

He offers you the power to cast underfoot serpents, scorpions and the whole strength of the enemy; power to bring deliverance and healing to you and to your family.

To Pray With The Voice of Jesus

A booklet designed not just to help you pray, but to lead you into a life of deep union with Christ. I now use it daily at the centre of my own prayer time.

Same price as "The World's Most Amazing Experience, "Dear Lord" and "A Shower of Blessings". See below.

The World's Most Amazing Experience
To have Jesus come alive within you. This is designed to help you experience just that. Same price as "Dear Lord" and "A Shower of Blessings". See below.

Dear Lord I'm Desperate
A booklet designed to help one to become open to the power of God to transform one's life. Well over 60,000 copies sold. The same price as "A Shower of Blessings"

The Miracle Rosary (The Booklet.)
Especially helpful for those who find it hard to keep their minds on the traditional Rosary.

A Shower Of Blessings
The little booklet in which I share my own way of praying, a way that has brought me great blessings
Well over 100,000 copies sold


The Mass - Jesus invites you to assist Him in the Salvation of the World.

A little booklet with the power to transform how you understand and participate in Mass. Just published in November 2011 - and thankfully selling like hot cakes!

Any mixture of above 9 booklets
Ireland: 1 copy 1.70 euro; any 5 for 5.50 euro ; any 11 for 10.00 euro . For Bigger Amounts: Note: Phone Number necessary delivered by Courier) 20 or more 75c each; 50 or more 0.60c each; 120 or more 0.50c each.
Great Britain: any 1 copy 2.20; any 5 for 8.00; any 11 for £12; For Bigger Amounts: (Phone number necessary as delivered by courier) First £11.50 courier charge, then small booklets 50p each, large Booklets £1.25 each, Books £5.00, CD's £5.00.

Airmail; Any 1 copy 2.20 euro (£2.00); any 5 for 9.00 euro (£8.00); 11 for 13.00 euro (£12.00); one can order any mixture of the small booklets listed.


Large Booklets

But I Get Nothing Out Of Mass
An 80 page booklet that could really bring the Mass alive for you and your family. It has met with a tremendous response. Testimonies of people returning to Mass and others seeing Mass in a new way.

Ireland 1 copy 3.70 euro; 2 copies 5.50 euro;any 4 copies for 9.50 euro; For Bigger amounts please supply phone number as they will be delivered by courier: any 10 or more 1.70 euro each, 20 or more 1.50 each.

Great Britain
1 copy 6.00; 2 for £7.50; 4 for 12.00.

Airmail: Any 1 copy 6.50 euro (£6.00); any 2 for 8.00 euro (£7.50); any 4 for 13.00 euro (£12.00). One can order any mixture of the large booklets listed in this column.

God Has A Plan For You
Yes, God has a very special plan for your life, and this 80 page booklet is designed to help you find it.

The same price as "But I Get Nothing Out Of Mass". One can order a mixture to avail of price offers.


Confession - A Journey into Healing, Self-Discovery and God's Love

There are steps to take if the sacrament of Confession is to become for you the wonderful gift that God desires it to be. This booklet contains the secret. An 80 Page Booklet that Could Change Your life.

The same price as "But I Get Nothing Out Of Mass" and "God Has A Plan For You". One can order a mixture to avail of price offers.


Glendalough - The Pilgrim's Guide

A 48 page full colour booklet with the remarkable story of St. Kevin and Glendalough, the ancient monastic buildings that attract thousands, also a remarkable set of photos of the ancient buildings and the remarkable hills and lakes taken during the snow of 2010. Suggestions for prayer that could be used at any pilgrimage site or ancient monastic site or even for praying as one walks.

The same price as "But I Get Nothing Out Of Mass" and "God Has A Plan For You" and "Confession- a journey into healing, self-discovery and God's love". One can order a mixture to avail of price offers.


What every child has a right to know

Our latest booklet, 48 pages full colour, specially designed to help parents and grandparent help children come to a living relationship with Jesus, to a love for the Mass, and to an openness to the Holy Spirit. So simple that older children will be able to read it themselves, but it gives parents and grandparents simple images and stories to use when talking to children about the faith.


Special Offers

All 13 Booklets

Small Pack by Courier

All 13 Booklets but not the books or CD's 16.00 euro. (Any 7 small booklets and 5 large booklets are the same price 16.00 euro.

By Courier, Phone Number Required

Europe and Rest of World 25.00 Euro (or £23 (Airmail in 2 paackets)


All 13 Booklets Plus Book(s) or CD's

By Courier, Phone Number Required

email for a quotation. Please make sure to specify which books/cd's

Please Note

Both small and large packs to international addresses are posted in two or more envelopes. While posted together, they very often arrive on different days - sometimes several days apart or even a week or more. Please allow for this.


The Curate's Diary


1 copy per month for a year 15 euro;

When posted together to one person:- 2 copies 28 euro; 3 copies (in one packet) 35 euro; 4 copies (in one packet) 40 euro; 5 Copies 45 euro; 6=48 euro; 7 = 56 euro; 8 = 64 euro

For 6 Copies up, it is 8.00 euro per copy for 12 months

For 10 copies up, it is 7.50 euro per copy for 12 months

For 16 up, it is 7.00 euro per copy per 12 months

For Those Getting Diary by Fastway Couriers

From 25 copies up it is 6.00 euro per copy

From 50 copies up it is 5.50 euro per copy

Note:- Some people who get 25 copies or more by An Post may be able to get it at 5.50 euro per copy if they live in a postal zone designated Zone A by An Post. Feel free to ask us.

Please note that one copy each to 2 separate people does not qualify for the rate for 2 copies posted together.

Irish stamps are acceptable in payment.

Great Britain

1 copy per month 14.00 (16 euro) ; When Packed Together 2 copies - 24.00; 3 copies - 30.00, 4 copies - 36.00; 5 copies 42; 6 copies £48; 7 Copies £52.00

From 8 copies up it is 7 per copy

For 17 copies up it is 6 per copy

Please Note: Our Prices for Great Britain are based on posting in Northern Ireland, which we are only in a position to do once a month. To avoid a delay, please send in your renewal at once.

Please note that one copy each to 2 separate people does not qualify for the rate for 2 copies posted together.


Per copy, 23 euro (£21)

2 copies per month 46 euro (£42); 3 Copies 70.00 euro (£61);4 copies per month 76.00 euro ( 70), 5 copies 86 Euro (£79), 6 copies 100.00 euro (£94), 7 copies 105.00 euro (£95), 8 copies 110 euro (£100), 9 copies 115 euro (£105), 10 copies 124 euro (112); 39 copies 420 euro (380), (Note 11 copies is 10 plus 1 etc. See below due to postal weight bands)


Per copy, 20 euro

2 Copies per month 46 euro; 4 copies per month 76.00 euro ( 70), 10 copies 124 euro (112); 39 copies 420 euro (380)

The bulk prices are based on postal bands - we can send 4 copies in the 250 gramme postal band. Five copies would have to be posted as 4 plus 1, 6 as 4 plus 2, etc. (The 70 gramme paper which allowes us to send 5 in the 250 gramme pack is no longer on the market.)

If paying in US, Canadian dollars, or Australian dollars, please work it out on current exchange rates, but remember that our bank won't give us fully as good a rate and will also charge for conversion.



Bringing Healing to One's Family CD

Desire to experience ongoing inner healing yourself? Desire to bring healing and deliverance to your family? These 3 CDs contain the nine sessions on personal and family healing given during the personal and family healing Novena in God's Cottage.


3 CD set based on book, "I want to go to Heaven the Moment I Die"

4 hours of teaching on 3 CDs set out in 18 tracks (lessons), using some of the amazing stories from the book in simplified form to high light that God really is love, and to help the listener to have his or her life transformed by life. In a beautiful case making it also a lovely present to give to a friend.

Same price as Miracle Rosary CD set. One can order any mixture to avail of bulk rates.


The Miracle Rosary on CD

All 20 mysteries of the Rosary on 2 CDs. Special reflection on each of the 20 mysteries. Special response for the Hail Marys in each decade. Set out on the CDs in tracks, with one track for each mystery and its decade, plus one track for the trimmings. The two CDs in a beautiful case for just 7.50 euro for the pair in Ireland, or for just 10.00 euro (£9) including postage to Great Britain and 10.00 euro (£9) to the rest of the world.

Ireland 7.50 euro; IF you give phone number and an address at which there would be someone home to accept delivery by courier you qualify for the following rates: Any 6 or more 5.50 euro each.
Great Britain and Europe : 1 copy 10.00 euro (9); If you give phone number and an address at which there would be someone home to accept delivery by courier you qualify for the following rates: First £11.50 courier charge, then CD's £4.00 each.

Rest of world: 1 copy 10.00 euro (9.00), any 2 copies for 15.00 euro (£14.00), any 8 60.00 euro.


A Gift To Your Friends
We are happy to send any of the above or the Curate's Diary, for the same price to your friend, enclosing a little slip to let them know that they are a gift from you.

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