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Do Not Settle for Fake Christianity      
The Young Person's Spirit Powered Life      
The Spirit Powered Life      

The World's Most Amazing experience

The Miracle Rosary        
Dear Lord, I am Desperate      
A Shower of Blessings      
The Mass - Jesus invites you to assist Him in the Salvation of the World      
Life Changing Novenas      

To Pray With The Voice of Jesus


God Has A Plan for You

But I get nothing out of Mass      
Confession-A journey into healing, self-discovery and God's Love      
Glendalough - The Pilgrims Guide      
What every child has a right to know      
All 15 booklets      
I Want To Go To Heaven The Momen I Die (The book)    
Answering God's Call    
Real Love Is Still Possible      
St. Kevin and the True Story of Glendalough      
Christian Healing for You and Your Family      
3 CD set "I want to go to Heaven the moment I die"      
2 CD set of the Miracle Rosary      
3 CD set "Bringing Healing to one's Family"      

CD How to Revitalise Renewal in Ireland (Sr. Miriam Duggan with Fr. T. Doyle)


CD How to lead your family to Jesus (With the Young Persons Spirit Powered Life)

All 15 booklets plus one book or CD set. Please specify which book or CD set      
All 15 booklets plus two books. Please specify which books or CD sets      
All 15 booklets plus three books. Please specify which books or CD sets      
All 15 booklets plus four books. Please specify which books or CD sets      
The Curate's Diary            

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 Fr T. Doyle, House of Mission, Shillelagh, Arklow, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Cheques/Postal orders can be made payable to Fr. T. Doyle.  

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