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How I started the process

I now have printed three prayer booklets designed to help people to become open to the healing and transforming power of God through daily prayer. It all began as a result of a talk I heard back around 1990. The talk was on Romans 6:6. "Our old self has been put to death with Jesus on the cross, so that the power of sin within us might be broken, and that we might no longer be under compulsion to sin."


This verse tells us that Jesus has won for us the right to be set free from our inner compulsions, and negativity. Jesus has won the victory for us. It just remains for us to become open to what He has won. As I thought about the talk that night, I had to admit that while Jesus had won the victory, it hadn't taken effect in many areas of my life. I actually took out a notepad that night and made a list of all the areas of my inner self that needed healing; all the areas where I was still under compulsion to negative thoughts, negative emotions, negative desires, negative attitudes. Romans 6:6 told me that Jesus had won for me the right to be free of all these - the right to experience enormous inner healing.

But how could I become open to the victory that Jesus had won for me. As I pondered this, my attention was drawn to Romans 6:11, "So reckon yourselves dead to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus." My interpretation of that was that we should put your eyes on Jesus and on the victory that He has won for us and to start thanking Jesus that in Him the victory has already been won.

I had already written down an honest inventory of all the areas of struggle in my own life. So one by one, I held my different areas of struggle and negativity before Jesus and thanked Him that He had won for me the right to be healed and set free. I repeated this process each day in prayer, and the positive results were quickly obvious. I began to experience very real progress and healing. So that the process wouldn't be morbid, I intersperced these prayer thoughts, with other prayer thoughts, focusing on the power of Jesus to transform our lives, and on important Biblical promises.

Over a period I built up a system of prayer that was to have a profound impact in my own life, bringing me into enormous inner healing, and enabling me to pray in a way that led to definite results. I used it in my own personal prayer time for a full ten years. Then the thought came to bring it out as a prayer booklet. I called it "A Shower of Blessings". To date just under 100,000 copies have sold, and many people have testified to how their lives have been transformed by it.

Later on, I realised that it was a little too advanced for some people. So I brought out a simpler booklet for those in the early stages of the spiritual life. It is called "Dear Lord I'm Desperate". To date 60,000 copies of it have sold. This doesn't include the number of copies that have been printed in missionary countries like Nigeria and Kenya - and indeed I believe China.

Then this year, 2006, I have brought out a third booklet, "To pray with the voice of Jesus". It is aimed at the spiritually advanced, designed to help them experience a vibrant living relationship with Jesus, to literally become the living presence of Jesus in the world.

Each of the three booklets are based on praying key Biblical verses, so it is a Biblical way of praying. There follows a brief description of each of the three booklets.


Dear Lord, I'm Desperate

Did you know that the Higher Power which enables even chronic alcoholics to break their addiction to drink is the same Higher Power by which Jesus was raised from the dead?


Or that this very same Higher Power is available to help you also, and that by learning to depend on it, you could experience an extra dimension to your life?

Jesus promised, “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you” Acts 1:8 RSV. This booklet is designed to help you become open to this Higher Power, and to learn how to have your compulsions broken, your fears and inhibitions overcome, and to go a step further than would otherwise be possible by learning to depend upon this Higher Power.

Meanwhile, every day Jesus desires to bring many blessing into our lives. Sadly we miss so many blessings because we don’t know how to become open to them or to pray for them. Again this booklet is designed to help you see more and more of your prayers being answered.

Published by Fr. Thady Doyle, in 2002, ISSN 0-9536330-4-7


If you learn to use the prayer images in this booklet on a daily basis, Jesus will touch your life in a mighty way. I know, because I have been using them for 30 years. The results are awesome.




A Shower of Blessings

- becoming open to  God's transforming power through daily prayer

Would you like a way of praying that would enable you to spend about 30 minutes in meaningful prayer each day?

Then try this. It works for me.

Would you like a way of praying that helps you to become open to God’s power and love?

Then try this. It works for me.

Would you like a way of praying that leaves you refreshed and relaxed?

Then try this. It works for me.

The mental images in this little booklet I have used in daily prayer for many years. There is no other way of praying, apart from the Mass, that I find so powerful, so relaxing, or so empowering.

Go On Asking

Go on asking and you will receive, Go on seeking and you will find, Go on knocking and the door will be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:7) Use this way of praying daily and you will see results -- significant results.





To Pray With The Voice of Jesus

A Booklet To Change Your Life

Jesus desires for His people to live in deep union with Himself, for them to have lives of great fruitfulness and to see powerful answers to prayer. This booklet contains many of the keys.

It is written for those who are spiritually advanced. But even if you are only able to take on part of this booklet now, it could still be the key that will open you to a whole new way of living and a whole new way of praying.

Health Warning

While most will experience enormous mental healing through this booklet, those who suffer serious mental health problems should only take on the concepts and methods of prayer in this booklet under the strict guidance of, and obedience to, a competent director or counsellor.

A Set of Three Prayer Booklets

There are now three prayer booklets in the series, each suited to people at different levels of development. If you are only coming to know Jesus, or if there are areas of severe brokeness or stress in your life, then "Dear Lord, I'm Desperate" is likely to help you most. If you have a living relationship with Jesus, but still need a lot of inner healing, then "A Shower Of Blessings" may best suit you. If you have a living relationship with Jesus, and have dealt with most of the major issues, then "To Pray With The Voice of Jesus" could lead you into a whole new level of spirituality. It is also possible to combine all three, using the pages that best suit you from each of them. See also "Living in Jesus Association" for a special association for those who commit to living by these principles.

Published By

Published in 1998 by Fr. Thaddeus Doyle C.C., ISBN 0-9536330-2-0

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