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Editorial message for April 21

Jesus says

"I have come that you may have life, life in all its fullness." John 10:10


The Curate's Diary is dedicated to leading people into that life, The Spirit Powered Life

The Curates Diary

Shillelagh, Arklow



Please understand that it is not possible for me to take phone calls. Enquiries to Martina at 053 942 9926 between 9.25 and 2.00 on Weekdays


Faithful Friend,


I wish to speak to those pro-life people who, to the best of their ability have followed the guidelines re Covid 19, but who feel that they cannot take the vaccine because of its connection with aborted babies.


All true Pro-Life people who walk in the love of Christ, are very dear to my heart.


Note I say "Pro-Life people who walk in the love of Christ". Sadly some people who claim to be Pro-Life are not walking in the love of Christ. Indeed some are far from walking in the love of Christ - instead they are spewing hatred and falsehoods.


Meanwhile I am going to put forward 5 reasons why I believe that Pro-Life people should receive the vaccine, but if after reading these 5 reasons, you decide you still can't take it, you will still be very dear to my heart.

I do not have medical expertise, so I cannot advise you on the medical aspects.


I will say however, be careful to whom you listen.


If some person or group has denied the reality of Covid 19, if they have claimed that wearing face masks is some perverted effort to control you or that it will damage your brain or your teeth or your lungs, or if they have resisted the lockdowns, then do not listen to such a person or such a group where the vaccine is concerned. Sadly the truth is not in them.


Make sure you are getting your medical advice from sound medical sources. Meanwhile I am speaking of the moral and spiritual reasons why I believe that the right thing is to receive the vaccine.

Reason 1
Suppose you and everyone you love were on a large ship that has lost power and is drifting in freezing conditions with no heat. The elderly in your group are in danger of freezing to death.

Then another ship comes to your rescue. However while the crew on the rescue ship are ordinary decent people, it is owned by a gangster who made his money through crime and who was even responsible for multiple deaths.

So what do you do? Would you say, ³We can't get on this ship. It came from the proceeds of crime and the murder of innocent people.² Or would you not be more likely to jump on board saying, ³Thank you very much".


You might even afterwards remark "Isn't God amazing. He is even able to bring good out of the works of the devil."


Reason 2

To stop the slaughter and to protect the vulnerable! In the Republic of Ireland alone, over 1,000 people died during the month of January with Covid 19.

On top of that, new and more dangerous variants of Covid 19 are appearing all the time, and unless we stop its spread, they will continue to develop and could become even more dangerous - and possibly vaccine resistant.


Reason 3
If you believe that the right thing is to refuse the vaccine, then you should also believe that it would be right for everybody to refuse it.


Ask yourself "What would happen if everybody refused the vaccine?


Based on the past year, it is easy to see what would happen. Public Masses would regularly be banned. You may not believe that they should be banned, but the reality is that as long as Covid persists, they will be banned.
Schools shut for long periods. Travel banned. People will be unable to visit friends and relatives. Only a handful allowed at funerals. Shops closed. Our hospitals will continue to be overrun. Hospital waiting lists will continue to increase. People will die not just from Covid, but from cancer and other diseases because the hospitals would be unable to treat them.

That is exactly what would happen if everybody refused to be vaccinated.


This is a time when one should not just think of oneself. It should be seen as a collective decision. What is the right thing to do as a people for all the people?

Reason 4.
Suppose you don¹t get vaccinated but enough people do get vaccinated to ensure the reopening of society, public Masses, travel restrictions lifted etc, etc.


How will you feel going to Mass knowing that you are only able to go to Mass because of all the people who got vaccinated?


How will you feel travelling, or going into shops, or getting your hair done, or visiting your friends and relatives, knowing that all this is only possible because enough people got vaccinated to make it possible?


Indeed to take the argument against benefitting from evil to its extreme, if you consider getting vaccinated an evil, will you not then be benefitting from evil every time you go to Mass, go to Confession, visit your relatives, get your hair done, travel a distance?

Reason 5
Pope St. John Paul established the Academy for Life to advise us on all such matters. He was still Pope when the study of vaccines based on cell lines originally derived from aborted babies was carried out at the request of Cardinal Ratzinger.

Cardinal Ratzinger then became Pope Benedict just before the results of the study were published. It is providential that Pope emeritus Benedict is still alive. Clearly he believes that the principles of the 2005 Church document apply to the Covid vaccines. He gave witness to this by being one of the very first to be vaccinated.

The Academy for Life was set up by a truly Pro-Life Pope, and back then, it was staffed by the best Pro-Life experts available. For me, humility demands that I accept its verdict on such vaccines.

I plead with pro-life people who oppose the vaccination to read this 2005 document. If you find it difficult reading, which in places it is, please read my explanation of it. In the February issue of the Curate's Diary, I did an analysis and explanation of this document.


I deliberately printed 200 copies extra. A single copy of the February Diary by posts costs 1.70 Ireland, or 10 copies for c9 Ireland. The rest of the world, 1 copy c2.50 or 10 copies for c11.


But the 2005 document does put in one important condition for the receiving such vaccines:- that you make a commitment to campaign for ethical vaccines.


To help you do so, we the God's Cottage committee have launched an online petition which you can sign requesting that in future ethical vaccines be made. See full details above on this page.


Meanwhile may God guide and protect us all in these difficult times, and may we be open to His guidance.


Yours, in Christ,



Thaddeus Doyle (Rev)

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