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Editorial message for January 21

Jesus says

"I have come that you may have life, life in all its fullness." John 10:10


The Curate's Diary is dedicated to leading people into that life, The Spirit Powered Life

The Curates Diary

Shillelagh, Arklow



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Faithful Friend,


We repeatedly hear reports of people who experience same-sex attraction being told by high ranking clerics, "God made you gay."


But is what they are saying the truth and of God? For example, could it be truthfully said of Theodore McCarrick that God mad him gay?


Jesus is the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life. Satan is "the father of lies", the deceiver. A true follower of Jesus will have a deep commitment to the TRUTH. He or she will detest lies, detest falsehood, detest deception, in the knowledge that all falsehood and all deception has its origin in Satan who is "the father of lies".


It is my belief that when a person accepts as true that which they should know to be false, Satan sees it as a personal invitation to enter that person's mind and heart.


Then once Satan gets in, he starts working on the person's thinking, and he has the capacity to gradually get the person to accept another lie, and another lie, and another lie, until he controls the person's thinking.


It becomes a form of mental possession, and a great many people suffer from it without knowing it.


Given this, which is the statement "God made you gay" the truth and so of Jesus who is TRUTH itself, or else false and so of Satan, "the father of lies"?


If one tells one person "God made you gay", will one not have to tell another person, "God made you an ephebophile" (that is attracted to adolescence) and tell yet another person, "God made you a paedophile"?

But would it not be blasphemy, a diabolical distortion of the truth, to claim that God made someone a paedophile?


If it is blasphemy to claim that God made someone a paedophile, is it not also blasphemy to claim that God made somebody gay.


It is also scientifically incorrect. Many people do evolve as they go through life. For example, many people who experience same sex attraction as a teenager evolve out of it later. For some this happens without any intervention, while for others it happens after issues of hurt and emotional deprivation in their childhood have been dealt with.


If God made a person gay, then they would not evolve out of being gay as some do.


Meanwhile telling somebody that God made them gay also contradicts the Bible and even the teaching of Jesus.

"God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them" Genesis 1:27

"Creating them male and female, he blessed them and called them humans when he created them" Genesis 5:2

Jesus said, "From the beginning of creation, ŒGod made them male and female.¹ For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife" Mark 10:6-7.

Jesus answered, ³Have you not read that from the beginning the Creator Œmade them male and female,¹ and said, ŒFor this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh¹?" Matthew 19:4-5


Meanwhile the McCarrick Report gives us an insight into what can cause a person to be an ephebophile, or gay, or both.


Theodore McCarrick was an only child. His father died when he was three. We don't know the full circumstances, but his mother, in order either to pursue her own career or else in order to keep a roof over their heads, handed him over to a female relative to rear him, and then went out to work herself.


So he grew up without either a father or a father figure in his life, and also effectively without his mother.


Add in the mental and emotional impact on a three year old of suddenly losing everything:- losing his father through death; losing his mother yet knowing she was still alive which may even have been more bewildering than if she had died; and losing his home..


God did not make Theodore McCarrick an ephebophile. The tragic circumstances of his childhood made him an ephebophile.


The circumstances of his childhood left him with all sorts of inner voids:- voids that the spirituality of the time would not have been able to fill or heal, and which the harsh conditions in boarding school and seminary quite likely exacerbated rather than healed.


One can see in him a craving for family, a craving for physical intimacy, and a craving for recognition that is born of deprivation.


The compulsive yearning for family can be seen in the way that he wanted every young person to call him Uncle Ted. In those early years he was also an ephebophile attracted to male adolescence only.

Later he evolved from being attracted to adolescence to being attracted to young men, and abused his position as bishop to impose himself on clerical students and young priests.


Much of the time it was intimacy he craved, rather than sex. He craved to have people sleeping in the same bed with him. Most often there was no sex involved. Occasionally there was inappropriate closeness but no genital sex.
In a small minority of cases, he sexually abused them. But the overall craving was for closeness, for intimacy.

At first he was an ephebophile - that is he was attracted to adolescence.
Later he evolved to young adults.


But it was always males that he took an interest in; never girls or ladies

Sadly our Church has kept insisting that there is no connection between the level of abuse by clergy and same-sex orientation. This despite the fact that in Ireland, around 62% to 66% of abuse cases were of a same-sex nature while in the US a whopping 82% of abuse cases were of a same sex nature.


Yet leaders in our Church continue to insist that there is no connection between the level of same-sex abuse and same-sex attraction.


The claim is that it was not a question of attraction but of opportunity; that the reason that is was mostly teenage boys who were abused, is that the abusers had greater access to them. Perhaps in a very small number of cases that may be true.


But take Theodore McCarrick as a typical example. He had no interest in girls whatsoever.


He, and countless others like him, give the lie to the claim that there is no connection between the same-sex abuse cases and same-sex attraction. The reality is that, in the vast majority of cases, those who had a craving to abuse girls, found girls; and those who had a craving to abuse boys found boys.

Abuse occurred at all levels of society, both secular and religious.


But what has crippled the Catholic Church spiritually, morally and financially is the extraordinary high number of male same-sex abuse cases.


At the time of the abuse cases, surveys showed that less than 4% of people in the general population experienced same sex attraction. That figure may be higher today due to social pressures. But at the time of the abuse cases, consistent surveys found the level of same-sex attraction to be under 4%. Yet the level of same-sex abuse ranged from around 62% to 66% in
Ireland, up to 82% in the US.


Think of the difference it would have made if the incidence of same-sex abuse by Catholic clergy had run at 4% or even 10%, instead of 62% to 82%. Had that been the case, the level of abuse by Catholic clergy would have been on a par with the rest of society. It is the extent of the abuse of adolescent boys (same-sex ephebophilia) that has bankrupt our Church spiritually, morally and financially.

Sadly our Church has not found the grace to accept that the primary cause of same-sex abuse was same-sex attraction; that the majority of abusers like Theodore McCarrick had zero interest in girls.


The fact that our Church refuses to acknowledge this, is causing immense frustration, alienation and even bitterness in the hearts of many sincere Catholics. It is like a cancer within the heart of our Church. This is the biggest issue that is not addressed by the McCarrick report, though there are other closely related issues that are not addressed.


The more serious of these is the promotion of clerics into prominent positions who are rumoured to be sexually active.


Rumours are not proof, and should never be taken as proof, but they should be taken into account when people are being promoted to special positions within the Church.


It is wrong for any person to be promoted within the Church if there is a question mark over whether they are living chaste lives.


The fact that Pope Francis has promoted in Newark and Washington, positions previously held by Theodore McCarrick, two clerics concerning whom there are rumours, and then made them cardinals, namely Cardinal Joseph Tobin and Cardinal Wilton Gregory is a running sore, a real cancer, within our Church.
It is a cause of alienation, of bewilderment, of cynicism and even of bitterness.


As such it is a sin against faithful Catholics especially in those two archdioceses, but also throughout the US and indeed the world.


The fact that Wilton Gregory was promoted to Washington at the very time that the Church was holding an investigation into how Theodore McCarrick came to be promoted to Washington defies reason.


Rumours are of course merely rumours. But Theodore McCarrick was appointed to Washington when all that was against him was rumours, and now Wilton Gregory has been appointed to Washington despite the many rumours.


Based on that, I have to say that two very important lessons have not been learned from the Theodore McCarrick tragedy.


1. That there is a connection between the level of same-sex abuse within our Church and same-sex attraction.

2. That it is wrong, even sinful, to promote a cleric, and especially to promote a cleric to a prominent position, if
there are rumours that that cleric is not living a life of chastity.


We can only cry out to God daily for our Church; that it will embrace the full Gospel, live the full Gospel and preach the full Gospel. For that we pray,

Yours, in Christ,



Thaddeus Doyle (Rev)

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