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Videos which will enable you to draw strength from Jesus. Google God'sCottage (one word) or go to UUMj28tQ6-TG6OkxW_IgxZeQ



Inspirational Videos include


Don't let Satan have your family; Is Jesus living within you? ; Choose Jesus and not the New Age; Fan into a flame God's gift that is within you; Have you developed Christian backbone; Facing problems? Let Jesus help you; The proven way to overcome your fears by the power of Jesus; 4 key steps to teach your family if your want them to live their faith; Ireland:- How the faith was undermined

 God's Cottage Related Videos include


The Curate's Diary:- how I started it after a voice spoke to me; God's Cottage, Glendalough, did God guide me?; Where did we get the money for God's Cottage, Glendalough; A video visit to God's Cottage, Glendalough; When the bank pulled the rug from under our feet; the arson attack at God's Cottage and the challenge it created?


Glendalough Videos Include

How Ireland became the island of saints and scholars revealed in St. Kevin's Cell; Dawn Chorus in Glendalough; Glendalough:-where is St. Kevin buried?; Two thieves videod stealing flowers from graves; 7 Falsehoods people believe about the Glendalough Round Tower; St Kevin and the blackbird:- did you know?


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