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God Has A Plan For You

Did you know that God has a very special plan for your life, both a short term plan for the immediate future and a long term plan for the rest of your life. Find this plan and you will find great happiness.

But how do you find God's plan? In this booklet, Fr. Thady Doyle, sharing true stories from his own life and his own experience, shows you the steps to take. It is sufficiently simple and interesting to inspire teenagers, yet sufficiently profound for the most advanced person to learn from it.

Published in 2001 by Fr. Thady Doyle, 1SBN 0-9536330-3-9



But I Get Nothing Out Of Mass



textHave You Given Up Going To Mass? Then this little booklet will really challenge you to think again, and will help you to recognise that you are missing something very important; that the Mass, when properly understood, can become a powerful opportunity for real spiritual growth.


Do You Find Mass Boring? This booklet could bring it to life for you. It could enable the Mass to become for you a time of special encounter with Jesus,


It is especially written to help people realise that Jesus really does come to us through the Mass; that the bread and wine really do become the body and blood of Jesus.


It is set out in short simple articles, many just one page long. Each article is separate, so it can be read one article at a time.


One could also use it as a set of daily meditations. In this way, day-by-day, you could build up your love for and understanding of the Mass.


By Fr. Thady Doyle. First published in 2000, 1 SBN 0-9536330-1-2

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