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Why Call Us "Children"?

Every message by Our Lady in Medjugorje, begins with the words, "Dear children". In the modern era, we adults do not take kindly to being called children. We would far prefer to be called 'Friends' or 'Brothers and Sisters'. We find being called children off-putting. It is counter cultural.

Yet Jesus said, "Unless you change and become like little children you shall never enter the kingdom of heaven" Mt. 18:3.

Learning to "change and become like little children" is clearly a vital step spiritually, one not to be avoided.

What does spiritual childhood involve?

t involves a whole attitude of trust in God, that we trust Him as a child trusts its father and mother. A trust that, no matter what happens, God knows best; that no matter how we feel, that God can bring us through; that no matter how we fall, that God's love is there for us.

It involves learning to depend on Him. Instead of relying on our own power or setting ourselves up as someone important, we acknowledge how weak and imperfect we are, and cling instead to God's strength.

It involves surrender:- the surrender of our desire to go our own way, and instead to seek God's way, and to leave how we are perceived totally in God's hands.

It involves a willingness to run:- that no matter what goes wrong, even if it be through one's own fault, that one will run to God's loving arms.

It involves obedience. If there is a contradiction between what I believe and what Jesus teaches, then I'm not right.

It is not possible to be a 'spiritual child' and a 'spiritual teenager'!

There are a lot of spiritual teenagers around today!

The spiritual teenager desires personal recognition, to be seen as important.

The spiritual teenager may like to do things for God - but will also like to get the credit for them.

The spiritual teenager will pick and choose, opting for what suits him, rejecting what doesn't suit.

The spiritual teenager is big on independence, and very low on dependence.

The spiritual teenager thinks that he knows best, so if his thinking contradicts the teaching of Jesus, he 'knows' that he himself is right.

The spiritual teenager will not believe that the Pope is infallible, since there is only one infallible person in the world - himself!

The spiritual teenager thinks that his circumstances are special, and so exempt from the commandments.

So choose which you desire to be


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