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Your Help Please

We have received thousands of letters from people who have been helped by our booklets and also from those who have been helped by The Curate’s Diary. The majority of those were introduced to it either by one of our promoters or by a friend. The success of all our ventures has been thanks to the great help we have received from so many people.


It strikes me that if so many people in Ireland and parts of Great Britain have been so helped by our publications, that so too could people in other parts of Great Britain and the rest of the world - if we could only reach them. It is with this in mind that we have developed this website. But people will not log on to it if they do not know about it. So if you have friends or relatives living abroad, please give them our website


And of course new promoters for the Curate's Diary are always most welcome, while now we seek people who would be willing to take responsibility for organising the Jesus Power Retreats.



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