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Lives That Have Been Touched

Dear Fr. Thaddeus,

The Curate's Diary of December 2009 saved my daughter from doing an abortion. She had got pregnant and wanted to do an abortion without my knowledge. Thank God for the magazine. I told her God will see her through and thank God she accepted. I pray that God will open doors for me so that I will be able to support her. Pray for me that God will see her through when she delivers. Thank you very much. This Curate's magazine saved my daughter from aborting.


A religious sister gave a copy of the Curate's Diary to a person she just met. Later she got a letter from the lady. Clearly the Diary had some remarkable side effects. The letter read, Dear Sister, I found the meditation on page 3 of the Diary to be very beneficial and so did our cats! As I asked Jesus to fill my inner being, I had a wonderful sense of being filled with love and joy and a lovely glow began to spread around my body. I have no idea how long this lasted for I lost all sense of time, but it may have been approx. 2 hours or so. We have recently taken in 2 needy kittens and they quickly sensed that something special was happening and both climbed on to my lap and curled up together quietly. But what was most surprising was that they were soon joined by a 4 year old cat. She was very traumatised and starving when we took her in from the wild. The Diary appears to have brought a sense of peace and tranquillity into the home environment

Dear Lord I'm Desperate

Dear Fr. Thaddeus
Your booklet, 'Dear Lord I'm Desperate' has transformed my life. My prayers are no longer passive and meaningless, but now are filled with an unquenchable faith, gratefulness and love. I now truly know that Jesus is my Saviour.
I am in my mid twenties, and up until this I never had a strong faith. Like you, I was bullied and suffered within myself. I tried a lot of self-help books, but while some helped, I found it a real burden trying to heal myself. Now through your booklet, I have surrendered it all to Jesus, and am learning to rely on Him. I am now beginning to experience the Lord's power in all my daily situations. Sincere thanks, Mary

"I want to go to Heaven the moment I die"

"I'm reading your book 'I want to go to Heaven the moment I die'. It's just inspirational!! It turns everything worldly on its head. Thank you." Caroline
"I hadn't planned to give any Christmas presents this year, but now that I have listened to your 3 CD set 'I want to go to Heaven the moment I die', I have changed my mind. I will be giving it to all my friends. Its excellent, and so reasonable at just 6.50 for a 3 CD set" Sheila

"One of the Muslim men who once objected to the validity of the Catholic prayer books was among the first to request 'I want to go to Heaven the moment I die'! The book made a big impression on him and he can't stop saying thanks." Sr Bernadine Pernii Ghana, (See Page 9 also).

"The 3 CD set 'I want to go to Heaven the moment I die' is even better than the book. It makes everything so clear. I am now beginning to realise what it means to say that God is love" Brendan

"The 'I want to go to Heaven the moment I die' 3 CD set is great for my friends in the travelling community, some of whom are unable to read. It is so simple and brings the message alive." Mary

"The book 'I want to go to Heaven the moment I die' is outstanding and is helping many people" Rose Bakina, Cameroon.

A Testimony in Thanksgiving By Bernadette

February 2002, for me a month to remember! For the previous number of years I had been suffering from enormous guilt from sins I had committed even though I had confessed all of them in confession. I was also suffering from depression which I had suffered from since I was about thirteen years of age.
I am now forty seven, married with a wonderful husband and the mother of six children, one of whom is in heaven.

Let me begin at the beginning. Christmas 2001 I had to attend a dinner with my husband and with people I had never met. There my husband introduced me to a wonderful woman called Betty. (May God Bless His messenger!). From the minute we were introduced, something clicked and we talked as if we knew each other all our lives.

During the conversation she invited me to attend the Divine Mercy Conference which was being held in the RDS Ballsbridge.

I had never heard of it but my husband said he would mind the children if I wished to go. So February 2002 found me getting organised to attend the conference. Four of us set off that morning with packed lunches and flasks of tea. I was a stranger among friends!

During the Conference a priest who was speaking said he was going to bring Jesus through the crowds and if we had any troubles big or small we were to hold out our hands and give them over to Jesus. I being cynical, said to myself, "Sure what have I to lose, I might as well give this a shot", and boy did my life change!

At that time I felt I had no real relationship with Jesus. After this handing over, I went to Confession to Fr. Thady Doyle. I shed a number of tears and despite the queue behind, he took plenty of time with me. He told me I was very open to the Holy Spirit and prayed over me. He then asked me if I would attend a Life in the Spirit Seminar. I hadn't a clue what this was and I said to him, "Father I did well to get to this Conference since I have five children and my husband has taken time off work to look after them". He just smiled and I went away.

A couple of days later I met a neighbour and I asked her if she had ever heard of a Life in the Spirit Seminar and she said "If I hear of one I will let you know".

Within a week she was back to me and said "Bernie, this one must be for you"! A Life in the Spirit Seminar was beginning in the Parish next to ours about four miles from my house. I went to it every week for the seven weeks and on the last night as it finished I began to cry and pray. I felt once this was over I was going to be back to square one again.

I knew I needed support to keep going.

Suddenly, in my head I heard what Fr. Thady calls a 'voice thought' which said "I go before you always". I will never forget it. I joined a Charismatic Prayer Group in the same parish and I go as often as possible.

When a neighbour was in hospital I went to bed one evening at about 11.00pm and just as I was about to go to sleep, a voice said "Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for 'Peter'." This I did even though I was wondering was I going mad because when I was finished I went on to say Eternal Rest etc. The following day I discovered that 'Peter' had died in or around the time I was 'told' to say the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Shortly after all of this taking place I heard Eddie Stones speaking and he commented on the fact that there was little or no family prayer today. He said, and I quote, 'Even a decade of the Rosary is better than nothing'.

I thought about this and went home and after a while I said to the family "You know, we do not say enough prayers in this house, even a decade of the Rosary wouldn't kill us"! My eldest son who was seventeen years old said 'I've no problem with that', and so we began.

We had our home enthroned to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus and shortly after we went as a family to Emmanuel House to hear Eddie Stones speak.

He once again spoke on the subject of family prayer and on the way home on the bus, my daughter who was sixteen at the time said, "How come we don't say the five decades of the Rosary". I nearly fell out of the seat on the bus with shock! Ever since, the Rosary is said regularly in our home.

Even if one member of the family is missing it is said to include the missing one.

Since then I have had a few unusual experiences and I know Jesus is in my life and He is wonderful. I speak to Him as a friend and I might add I also 'give out' to Him at times. I often ask myself where was He up until now? The answer of course is, I was not looking for Him.

I am now off all medication for depression and Jesus and our Mother Mary are so important in my life now.

I urge everyone to go look for them. They are waiting for you! My life has changed completely, Praise God. I am learning slowly but surely, to hand everything in my life over to Jesus and Mary. I pray about the particular problem I might have and then I place it in their hearts for them to deal with. Even if the problem is not solved in the way I would like, I know that no matter what happens God can turn evil into good when He is ready and in His own time.

I came across a beautiful poem recently but unfortunately I do not know the author of same and hopefully he or she would not mind me sharing it with you.

The Rosebud.
It is only a tiny rosebud - a flower of God's design,
but I cannot unfold the petals - with these clumsy hands of mine.
The secret of unfolding flowers - is not known to one such as I,
God opens these flowers so sweetly - while in my hands they die.
If I cannot unfold a rosebud - this flower of God's design,
Then how can I think I have the wisdom - to open this life of mine.
So I will look to Him for His leading - every moment of every day,
I will trust in Him for His guidance - every step of the pilgrim's way.
For the pathway that lies before me, only my Heavenly Father knows,
and I will trust in Him to unfold the moments - just like He unfolds the rose.

I am still a sinner but trying very hard. We have our problems within the family like everyone else but I would say to each and every one of you, start with even one Hail Mary a day.

Gradually you will find that this one Hail Mary will lead to more family prayer.

In these times particularly, now is the time to, (as the words of a beautiful hymn sung by Mike Keenan goes)
'Arise and follow the Christ. Arise and follow in the army of the Lord, in the heavenly army of God.'

May God Bless each and everyone of you who read this and may He touch your lives in the same way He has touched mine. Reach out. He is waiting for you.

A Very Special Experience

I've really had such an experience when praying 'A Shower of Blessings' that I have to tell everyone. It came out of no where and I was completely amazed at such a wonderful conversion, and that Jesus knew I needed it at this time in my life. It was truly perfect timing.
I'm now 24 and from a very young age I was sexually abused by my step-grandfather who was later prosecuted and convicted. He just got a suspended sentence.

My family are a very close and loving family who go everywhere together. When I eventually told my parents, they decided that we would move from near Stoke-on-Trent to Little Hampton in West Sussex so as to create a new life for myself and my family.

But I was to be the victim of sexual abuse for the second time, this time by a psychologist I went to for counselling. To be honest with you I've never ever got over it.

My father was brilliant. I was on the way to trusting again, thanks to him, and to my Mam too, but then in 1997, a week after my 17th birthday, we were in a car crash and my father was killed.

When my Dad died, my heart and soul were crushed. I was broken completely. With my Dad's love and help, I had been able to be strong. I had got through life being happy knowing my Dad was always there right by my side.

But in a split second my Dad was gone. I felt I had lost everything.

The following year I ended up in St. Senan's Hospital, Enniscorthy with a complete nervous breakdown and ever since I've been in and out of St. Senan's with suicide attempts, severe depression, uproars of anger and pain. It's simply that my heart and soul have been crying out for help.

I found myself crying out, "I can't take anymore Lord. Why Me? What have I done wrong? Yes I know I'm a sinner but I don't deserve this."

I've lost count of the times I've been in St. Senan's. A few weeks ago I was back in with yet another bout. It was then that my special experience, a real conversion, happened.

When I'm in, I try to go through life one day at a time, knowing that there will be good and bad days, but being active and making the best of it, going down to occupational therapy and striving for a good day, tomorrow, the next day, next month etc.

Anyway this particular day was a really bad day for me. I felt awful. And I can be stubborn too. I wouldn't do anything, wouldn't get out of bed or get dressed. The only thing I was doing was punching my pillows real hard, and breaking my heart with the tears flowing from my eyes.

The nurse called me and I shouted back, "Leave me alone. I'm staying here and that's final." I felt awful. I felt like rebelling against everything, but the nurse kept nagging, "Sorcha get up, Sorcha get dressed. Sorcha, you're down for occupational therapy. Sorcha, you have to go." on and on. Eventually I screamed back, "Okay, okay, I'll go."

I went down with the nurse but to my surprise and hers, it wasn't on until 11.30. I was so delighted, and felt like saying to the nurse, "I told you so", after all that trouble to get me out of bed, and to add, "Next time don't bother".

We'd normally be taken back to the ward, just like a prisoner to our cell without the handcuffs, but the nurse went to the main hospital area to collect the post for St. Anne's. To my surprise three packages awaited me and the first one I opened was the one that was to touch my life.

Even as I opened it, I suddenly felt really good! Some inner instinct told me my life was about to change.

The package was from a friend who lives in Bray, Co. Wicklow. She is a beautiful lady who was in our group when I went to Medjugorje. When I opened the package, there in front of me glared the booklet, "A Shower of Blessings" right in my face.

In the past I had briefly looked at this booklet and was struck by it's pictures but I never felt I had time to go through it. I just didn't feel that way inclined.

This time I found myself saying to myself, "Well it's worth a try, right now I need God." Even though I didn't feel like praying, I decided to make the effort. So I took time to read every word and to simply reflect on my thoughts afterwards. Then I felt inspired to write my thoughts, and my pain on paper. So as the thoughts came to me on each page, I'd write them down. Later I wrote some of them in the form of poems.

'A Shower of Blessings' has now become my life. It's my spiritual prose workbook and I find that I can bring my whole life into it, not just the past but most importantly I've come to know my Jesus again. Now I know I'm not alone. May it continue to bring Love and Peace to many more.

The following is the poem I wrote for the first prayer page entitled, "Restlessness in Prayer".

Each day O Lord, I say a prayer
That I'd know, O Jesus, You're there,
And for me to always know I'm loved
By You, my Creator of Heaven Above.

I need to relax and sit by You
To tell You my pain, please carry me through.
I need Your hand to guide my way,
And to tone my heart and soul today.

O my Jesus, are you there?
Please take my hand and show You care.
Please talk to me and show a sign,
That I am yours and you are mine.

O my Jesus take my pain,
Take my burdens and my shame.
Take all you can from my heart,
Give me a life and a greater start.

May I take this opportunity of thanking everyone who has cared for me in St. Senan's, and my family and closest friends for putting up with me. Sorcha.

From A Young Adult
Dear Fr. Thaddeus,
Thank you for the wonderful book - 'Real Love is Still Possible'. It's fantastic. I am getting it out to as many young people as possible. I am involved in 'Pure in Heart' - Dublin based youth group promoting purity and chastity, so this book is fantastic. I wrote a short book-review on it for our December newsletter and gave your details for people to get copies of the book. Roisin

Moved To Tears
Fr. Thady,
Before I started my retreat for my Jubilee, we received your video cassettes and tapes. We were all very excited and we decided to listen to your tapes together as a community. As you called down the blessing of Jesus, I felt a very strong sense of Jesus blessing me and I felt as if though He was really present before us.
As you prayed that we all experience the indwelling Jesus, I just found that I was shedding tears and filled with the strong desire for Jesus to fill my inner most being. That is what actually guided me during my ten days retreat in preparation for my Jubilee. Then I passed the video cassette to Fr. Conrade while we were still using the tapes. He has made a good number of copies from it just to help other priests and sisters. Sr. Mary Scholastica, Tindinyo Carmel, P.O. Box 12, Kaimosi, Kenya, E.A..

St. Faustina and Depression

Dear Fr. Thaddeus Doyle,
I want to write this letter in thanksgiving for your writing in the Curate's Diary about St. Faustina's depression. How I needed to hear that, and the great sense of relief to know I'm not alone in my struggle with this type of depression. I was just in doubt about how I can be close to God, when I'm so troubled most of the time. But after reading your article I'm full of childlike trust that it's OK and I must trust Our Lord Jesus Christ to do His will. Oh if everyone could understand we would be a more loving people. Dear Fr. keep up the powerful work. I can only offer you my prayers. Very grateful sinner.

From A Brother Priest
Dear Fr. Thaddeus,
Your article on St. Faustina's depression was amazing. While I was diagnosed in 1988, I had long suffered, not knowing what it was. Your description of the symptoms and how St. Faustina suffered them was amazing.
Depression is a terrible taboo. Such a basic part of one's life is something one just can't mention. What a blessing it is to experience you speak of these things from the housetops.
Thank God at the moment, I have great health of body mind and spirit. But for all things, even sickness and trouble I give thanks. It is in opening up our dark side to God's love, our brokenness, that we come into true conversion and experience His Providence.

Diary Came At Right Time
Dear Fr.,
The Diary came to me at exactly the right time - St. Faustina's remarkable victory over depression and despair. My son has suffered depression for most of his life . Last July he got worse! I was praying so hard for him. When the Diary came and I read about St. Faustina, I could not tell you in words how I felt that night after reading it. My son has improved, thank God, I will always say the prayer you gave in the Diary and you also will be in my prayers.

Real Love Is Still Possible

Dear Fr. Thady,

Your new book 'Real Love is Still Possible' is fantastic! Couldn't put it down. I'm quite sure most young people who read it will identify with one or other of the main characters and this will give them hope and belief that 'Real Love is Still Possible' in their lives today. Looking forward to the sequel!

Dear Fr. Thaddeus,

After reading "Real Love is Still Possible", I feel compelled to write to you. It is by far the most wonderful book I have ever read. I am a mother of two teenagers. I found it so spiritually nourishing. I thank you for the hours of thought and work you dedicated in producing such a beautiful read. I have got so much out of it. Rebecca's love for Jesus is reflected in every page. It helps me understand my own faith and answered some of the things that I wasn't quite clear on. Sometimes we are very assuming that everything that happens to us is the work of God or the Holy Spirit. I would have loved to have read this book when I was dating maybe twenty years ago. I do believe this book could make a big difference in the lives of young people who are open to a close living relationship with Jesus. Thanks again. Margaret.

Dear Fr. Thaddeus,

The book 'Real Love is Still Possible' is a real treasure. I am just finishing reading it. Please Mums and Nanas get it for your teenagers. It is a treasure - the way to live and still be 'with it' for yound people. It is a nice book to read for yourself and be much happier to get to know Jesus better. Give it as a gift to young people around fourteen years and older. It is right for them. Have a good time and keep the commandments. Congratulations to Father Thaddeus. I think its wonderful, Sile.

Dear Fr.

Going through a crisis with my boyfriend, I sent for your new book, 'Real Love is Still Possible'. I truly believe it is the work of the Holy Spirit. It touched me deeply and I both cried and laughed right through the book. I also felt, as I am sure many others will feel, that it was speaking directly to me. Myself and my boyfriend are still struggling, but now he has agreed to read the book. All the times I was stuck for words and could not explain how I felt or what I was trying to put into words, you did the exact thing by printing it in the book. Again truly the work of the Holy Spirit.

My Response

Thank you most sincerely for your lovely letter, and you have the distinction of being the first person that I've got a letter from about "Real Love Is Still Possible." You clearly are a very loving person. I pray that the Lord will bless both you and your boyfriend, and that Holy Spirit will guide you.

Returned To Mass

Dear Fr. Thady,
I have had the privilege of passing on 3 copies of "But I Get Nothing out of Mass" to people who for one reason or another had stopped going to Mass. I did not push nor persuade - but I am happy to say that all three have returned and are back to Mass. Praise the Lord!

Helped By Miracle Rosary

Dear Fr. Doyle,
I recently visited the adoration room where the Blessed Eucharist is and I came across The Miracle Rosary. As I read it I said to myself what a great way to concentrate instead of drifting away while saying the Rosary. I find the little book great especially the way of praying the second part of the Hail Mary. And also learning to pray for the person visualising Our Lady touching the person. When my hour was up in adoration, I went home and told all my friends. They too are interested.

From South Africa

Dear Rev Fr. Thaddeus,
Many thanks for the box of booklets. This time they proved to be too little in number. Many of our sisters from the missions had a glimpse from those who had some copies. There is a great demand now. I have been talking with some who asked me to let you know that these booklets are a means of spiritual revival. We pray for all the donors and all those who need our prayers. They were very much interested in "Dear Lord I'm Desperate", Yours gratefully, Sister Clara Rapholo, Lesothio.

Touching Lives in Kenya

Addicted to Diary in Kenya

Dear Fr. Thady,
I have become 'addicted' to the Diary, and I am always avidly awaiting its arrival in the post, and I was very 'down' when the July one didn't appear. I share your belief in Medjugorje, I was there for a week in October 1995 - including the 25th - and I like reading Our Lady's message which you print each month.
I am now daily praying the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy and then asking St. Faustina to pray for the people for whom I recite it. I have had a small picture of The Divine Mercy for a long time - given to me by my own sister in England and who was already a devotee - but that was all. I just had it, now it means a lot to me.
Sr. Joan Langdon, St. Theresa's Convent, P.O. Box 148, 30403 Marigat, Kenya.

Extract from a letter from Sr. Mary Scholastica

Dear Rev. Fr. Doyle,
For a number of years I have been struggling to understand what my foundress St. Teresa of Avila, meant when she wrote that if a person has had a deep experience of God's mercy and love in prayer, but then does not come up with a strong determination to forgive her adversary, then that person's prayer is not genuine.

But now, having read your booklet, 'The World's Most Amazing Experience" I feel so happy and a deep sense of freedom from within.

Mine is just to hold before Jesus all that I can't let go of by my own strength and power.

I now believe more in the delivering power of Jesus than struggling alone with my own strength.
Meanwhile, one of the sisters in the sick bay suffering from cancer has been transformed since she was given the little booklet "Dear Lord I'm Desperate", and she uses it to encourage those with her in the sick bay. She has it on her chest continually and she feels that Jesus is talking to her heart in a way that she can't put in words. She is called Sr. Clemence and she is seventy two years old.
A boy called Paul, who is in a school where they don't teach our Catholic Faith, has also been very much helped by it, and is using it to share with others in the school. He came to our monastery for two days retreat and that is the booklet he used without anybody talking to him.
We would love if you could come to Kenya
Sr. Mary Scholastica, E. Africa.

My Response

Congratulations to Sr. Scholastica on her Silver Jubilee, and thanks for enriching all our lives and being our co-worker. Yes, if I felt that lives would be touched, I would consider doing a week in Kenya. Let us pray!

Touched By God Has A Plan

Dear Fr. Doyle,
I came across your booklet 'God has a plan for you', quite by accident and words will not do justice to how I felt as I read from page to page. In an awesome way it has confirmed by journey towards Jesus.

Touched By Testimony

Dear Fr. Doyle,
It was with great interest that I read your personal testimony on the internet last week. So much so, that I printed off copies and sent them to relatives up the country. The issues of bullying (at work in my case), painful and inexplicable feelings of depression and temptations to suicide have been with me on and off for some 42 years now. Counselling has proven to be of limited help, and, having also been slain in the Spirit several times, know that only Jesus can truly heal our personal hurts, but still this awful darkness persists. Could you please pray for this to be removed.

Saved By 'The Miracle Rosary'

Binde is a little village in the far north of Ghana, at the boundary between Togo and Ghana. It is a semi desert where very few things happen. Here, there are no television channels, no telephone, email, post office, market nor taxis for transportation.
All journeys here are made by night whether the distance is short or long because that is when the trucks are available. Alternatively, one goes on foot or with a bicycle if you are rich enough to purchase it.

For the sake of the Gospel and the love of God, we have so far survived in this thickly populated Islamic and traditional regionalist area in order to evangelise and be evangelised.

When I received your box containing several books and leaflets, I was attracted first to the little book titled "The Miracle Rosary" and I said to myself, "This will really help our people here to pray the rosary devoutly and appreciate their time with the Lord through His mother."

Little did I know that I would be the first beneficiary of The Miracle Rosary.

I always scan through every book before handing them over to the people so as to know exactly what I am giving and to whom. So it was that I picked up the Miracle Rosary and prayed it first. Having enjoyed it, I then gave them out to different people and kept a copy for my own use.

As we have no other means of transport, so we always avail of the hospital lorry to go for our shopping etc. to the nearest town, about 250 kilometres from here. We go once a month or so depending on the availability of the hospital lorry.

So on Tuesday 13th of January 2004, I took off with the hospital administrator, a priest, who drove the lorry. As soon as we got on the road, I picked up The Miracle Rosary and started praying, allowing a mental picture of Our Lady into my mind's eye, and holding before her each intention.

At the fourth decade of the Sorrowful Mysteries, the image of Our Lady in my minds eye suddenly altered. Instead of the image of her I had been picturing, I saw her quickly kneel down with her face downward in prayer, while I continued praying the rosary. In less than two seconds, our lorry was heading towards a ditch. The lorry spun off the road and almost somersaulted into the hedge, but the priest kept struggling with the steering wheel until everything became calm again. By this time I have stopped praying and was holding the handle of the lorry as tight as possible so as not to fall out.

When all was calm, in my minds eye, I saw Our Lady sit back on her chair, look at me and say, "I prayed that this should not happen". I thanked her, then continued the rosary till I completed the 15 decades. I then left 5 decades to be prayed on our way back.

When we were returning the same night, at about 12.45 am just 15 kilometres to our destination, what appeared to be the worst happened.

I can only recall seeing a truck coming towards us with full headlights, then the priest struggling to change gears and to slow down but it was too late.

At full head-on collision appeared inevitable, but somehow the priest swerved our lorry and the oncoming truck crashed into it by the passenger side where I was sitting. The bang was so violent that I lost consciousness.

Luckily the drivers side was not badly affected so the priest was safe and sound with bruises and shock. But guess what became me? I was buried right there in the debris of the lorry.

The passengers from the other vehicle all came out and for sure they thought I was dead, so I was covered with cloth.

Meanwhile I had no idea what was happening for I was happy where I found myself, in the midst of children. When I joined these children, I felt so happy and I wanted to stay on but later they started shouting, "Sister please go back". They wouldn't even let me be seated as their shouting was becoming louder and I was getting confused. It never occurred to me that staying on meant death.

Then I saw a young man of 22 years that I knew very well. When I met him on 23rd of December 2000, he had abandoned the faith for 3 years. I urged him then to return to the church and go to Confession. On 30th of December 2000 he went for Confession and died on the 3rd of January 2001.

Now he came out very happy from the midst of the children, stepped forward in front of me and said, "Sister, what are you doing here? Go back please. You have work to finish!" So with the help of Our Lady I returned from their midst.

I can still recall how I felt when my spirit was returning into my body. I felt as if I was waking up from a long and deep sleep. I woke up with severe rigor and my body covered with cloth, still in the debris. Then the priest started calling me. I could hear but I couldn't respond.

At this time, I had no idea we were involved in an accident, I thought I was in the house sleeping. It was two days later when I had fully regained consciousness that the whole story was relayed to me. Later I was taken to see the lorry from which I came out alive.

The priest who doesn't appreciate the rosary, confessed for the first time that he believes the rosary I was praying saved us, that Our Lady of the Rosary brought me back to life. He said they found my rosary stuck between me and the broken door. Now as I stretched my hand towards it unconsciously, he picked it up for me, one bead broken.

This is the greatest miracle of my life. No bone was broken, no deep cut that required stitching and no serious internal injury, although I banged my head, chest and right hand. I only lost one front tooth which by God's grace I will fix as soon as I get the means to do so. I have since had an x-ray on my chest and right shoulder but I'm yet to have a further head scan but I'm sure it will be okay too like others. I have since returned to the full time pastoral care of people here.
Through the intercession of Mary, God has shown everyone here that He is the God of the impossible.

Everyone who went to see the battered lorry praised God that life still came out of such a situation.

The pagans said that I must have very strong charm and power that elevated me from death, the Christians were dumbfounded while the Muslims said it was Allah, but for me, it was the omnipresence God that wrought the miracle through the intervention of Mary our Mother.

The Miracle Rosary makes praying the rosary more interesting and cuts out distractions. It makes the praying of the rosary more of a personal friendly and a deep spiritual encounter with the Mother of God.

I have come to appreciate more than ever the words, "Holy Mary Mother of God, please help our young people to find Jesus".

Meanwhile Mrs. Matina, to whom I gave some of the booklets, a nurse who has returned to the church after 25 years, recently received the sacraments. The thanksgiving Mass was on 29th February.

Meanwhile also at the end of Lent, 28 young people and 6 elderly are receiving Baptism, and eight couples are being married. The instruction started last July.

Meanwhile my thanks to all who have written to give me their moral, financial and prayer support. May the Lord reward each of you according to your needs. Your names are on my altar for daily remembrance.

Pray always that the Lord will keep me strong and healthy, and I will do the same for you.

(Sr. Bernardine is attached to the Brinde Rural Hospital, P.O. Box 172, Bawku, (UER), Ghana, West Africa)

Another box of our books has just been despatched to her.

From A Priest in Kenya

Dear Rev. Fr. Doyle

I'm Rev. Fr. Kizito Sabatia Handa . I'm a diocesan priest from the Catholic diocese of Kakamega. Ordained a priest in l994. I teach in our National Theological Seminary, as a visiting Lecturer. I teach Dogmatic theology.

I recently visited Sister Scholastica in the Carmel and she gave me a booklet “Dear Lord I am Desperate” which I have been using for my meditation. This booklet has been very inspiring to me in my prayer and meditation.

One day when I was using this booklet, some Christians happened to see it and they borrowed to go and read it, after which many of them have been inquiring of where they can get this booklet. That is why am writing to request you whether you can sent us some copies of the same so that we may pass the same message to other.

My Response

It is wonderful to know that we are helping people in Africa; that without getting on a plane, lives are being touched so far away. Like St. Therese, we pray for the grace to be able to lead people to Jesus on the five continents. We are delighted to be able to send a 5kg box of booklets from our Mission Fund; and more later if they are helping people.

The Diary Arrived at the right moment

Dear Fr. Thady,

I only got the Curate's Diary today, yet maybe the timing was perfect for me. Because of intense struggle I grabbed the packet and found seclusion here in the bedroom. I just read little bits here and there but it was as if the power of God was radiating out from your magazine. First the reassurance I felt delighted me, and that wonderful and complete calming of the terror I had been feeling. I feel so peaceful now I can hardly believe it. It is all thanks to your magazine.

Dear Fr. Thaddeus,

I was just about ready to throw my hat in and quit. Then I saw the Diary sitting on the mat. So I opened it up and could hardly believe what I was reading "Feel inadequate". I am always amazed at Gods choice. (Sometimes I find the going a bit rough). Anyway thank you.

My Response

We pray each month, and encourage others to pray, that ripples of blessing will go with the Diary as it travels the world, and that lives may be touched. So thanks for writing to share the above. It encourages us to persevere in intercessory prayer and for others to join with us.

"Dear Lord I'm Desperate"

Dear Fr. Doyle,

"Dear Lord I'm Desperate" has helped me so much and given me hope. I take my own everywhere with me. God knows how I now try so hard to depend on the higher power. Thank you and all your workers. Thank you once again for giving me the courage to carry on. God bless, Mary.

Touched By Mass Booklet

Dear Fr. Doyle,

I read a copy of your book "But I get nothing out of Mass" . I found it a lovely book and I really feel different about going to Mass now. I really look forward to going whereas before I think it was more out of habit.

Helped by The Miracle Rosary

Dear Fr. Thaddeus,

Greetings from Cameroon in West Africa. I came across your pamphlet in 1999 while studying at Milltown park in Dublin. It was very enriching and it really helped me to develop a special love towards the rosary. At the moment, I am Directress of the postulants here. I brought a few of the pamphlets back home. The postulants and novices are so interested in it I am short. It's a pity I don't know how to get more copies because our postage system is poor as far as money is concerned. So I am hooked. Please is there any way that I can get some copies. Sr. Emmanuella

My Response

We have sent Sr. Emmanuella a 5kg box of our booklets from our Mission Fund

Touched By Confession Booklet

Confession Booklet - touching lives
Dear Fr. Thady,
Your latest book on Confession is great and was needed badly. A friend asked me if she could have a loan of it for a person who was away from Confession for six years. Her friend read your book and two days later went to Confession.

Dear Father Thady,
Your book on "Confession" is really inspired. No-one should be hesitant in going to reconciliation after reading it.

Dear Fr. Thady,
Your booklet on Confession is so touching, that I even do not know how I can put it on paper. Imagine I can only read it a little bit every day and ponder on each paragraph.
Thanks also to those who had the humility and the openness to share their personal experiences with regard to the sacrament of Confession. It has really given me a lot of courage to face a certain area in my life which I had never faced before. I am very sure God is going to use that booklet to bring many souls back to repentance.


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