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  1. My Coming Engagements

  2. Special Message re Covid Restrictions

    Dear Friends of St. Kevin,

    Due to level 5 shutdown, we had no option but to cancel all events at God's Cottage. While we have been praying about whether to open the oratory in God's Cottage for private prayer on Saturdays and Sundays, it will otherwise remain closed for the duration of level 5 shutdown.

  3. The credit card machine has now been brought down to The Curate's Diary office here in my home in Shillelagh. It will be possible to order some items by post, including books and Christmas Cards. Re books see the "fabulous book offers" page on Payments can also be made by bank transfer. See bank details for God's Cottage on the home page of, and for the Curate's Diary on order form on this website.

    Meanwhile I plan to do a video each week, if God gives me the strength. There are actually a couple of videos I have in mind that are not totally suitable as a Mass homily.

  4. We are also working on a new Winter programme that will be a bit similar to what we had been doing but will be located in the Bible Chapel/Coffee Dock, and will commence as soon as permitted. We are installing exterior speakers at the Bible Chapel so people can listen outside or even in their own cars.

    Meanwhile may God bless, guide and protect you
    Fr. Thady

  5. Afternoons of Prayer at God's Cottage, Glendalough

  6. They are now suspended due to new Covid restrictions, and will resume as soon as permitted


October Mass for our promoters, readers, and helpers.
Saturday 10th.  Written intentions welcome. No donations necessary


Directions To Glendalough
We have posted basic directions to Glendalough from every part of Ireland on
Or phone God's Cottage 0404 45111

Sincere Thanks
To those who invite me to the Prayer Group or Parish, and also to those who
organise events in God's Cottage. I can assure you that it is very deeply appreciated.


Your Assistance Please
If you approach me after an event requesting prayers or the offering of a Mass, please have the intention written out in 20 words or less as I have no memory for details.

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