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The Miracle Rosary

(By Fr. Thady Doyle)

Do you have difficulty concentrating when praying the Rosary? There is an answer - and one which will not merely enable you to concentrate, but also lead you in many blessings. I call it the Miracle Rosary.

In the traditional Hail Mary we ask Our Lady to "pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death."

In the Miracle Rosary we specify more clearly the graces we are asking for. This makes it far easier to concentrate and also allows God and Our Lady to bless our lives.
Thus in the Joyful Mysteries, as we meditate on how Our Lady said 'Yes' to God's plan for her life, we pray for the grace to say 'yes' to God's plan for our lives.
We invite her to visit with us and with our families as she visited with her cousin Elizabeth.
We pray that Jesus will be born in our heart and in the hearts of our loves ones.
We entrust ourselves and our home to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, just as Mary entrusted baby Jesus to the Father.
We invoke the intercession of Our Lady for all parents who are in anguish for a child and pray that our youth may have the joy of finding Jesus.

In the process the Miracle Rosary becomes a powerful prayer of intercession, helping us to become open to a whole range of graces and blessings, and to grow in the spiritual life.

Now Available On CD

With the assistance of the Clare family, I have produced a pair of CDs of the Miracle Rosary with the full set of mysteries - Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous between the 2 CDs.

Our aim is to promote prayer, so we are selling the 2 CD set for half the price you would normally pay for one CD!! Yes, 2 CDs in a well designed case for half the price you would normally pay for a single CD! The case makes it a lovely gift to give your friends. See our price list

Nourish Your Eternal Spirit

Play this CD as you drive your car. Or play it as you lie in bed. Or turn off the TV and lie back and relax as you join in - perhaps even as a family. Let it nourish your eternal spirit, and you will find inner strength and greater happiness. Many people miss out on hundreds of opportunities to nourish their spirit, and grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Praying Without Effort: One of the wonderful things about prayer on CDs or tapes, is that it allows you to pray without effort. Even if you are only going 500 yards in your car, if the CD comes on when you switch on the ignition, it immediately speaks to your spirit, and gives you a lift. On the longer journey it helps one to relax as well as nourishing one's spirit.

Family Prayer:- Each mystery of the Rosary has its own track. Thus it would be easy to play the decade of your choice as part of family prayer - ideal with children. Ailish, Thomas and Anna Clare who led the responses to the first three Hail Mary in each decade are aged 13, 12, and 9. This makes it ideal for use with young people in family prayer. If you wish to play just one decade during family prayer, it will be very easy to find the decade of your choice.

The Joyful and Sorrowful Mysteries are on the first CD, the Glorious and Luminous are on the second CD. Each Rosary is divided up in tracks, one track for each mystery and one track for the 'trimmings' at the end. Thus, for example, if you wish to use the third Joyful Mystery in family prayer, just go to track 3 on CD one. You will immediately have my reflection on the Mystery followed by the decade. Even playing my reflection on the mystery alone could enhance family prayer.

Join Me In Prayer

The CDs provide readers an opportunity to join with me in daily prayer. Prayer unites us with Jesus and Jesus is eternal. Thus while the CD was recorded on a particular day, in its union with Jesus it has an eternal dimension. So even though you join in on a different day, in Jesus we are united in prayer. Thus the prayers, asking Jesus to bless those joining in and to bless their families, have the same efficacy as if one was in the room where the CD was made.

Also I unite in spirit in prayer each day with those using the prayer booklets, and ask God to bless them as they pray. Now I will also include those using the CDs, asking God to bless you as you pray, and inviting you to join in for me and others who use these booklets/CD

Launch of CD set

The 2 CD set of the Miracle Rosary will be officially launched at the Mass for Healing in Shillelagh on Wednesday 13th of February 2008. Orders are now being taken. The CDs have now arrived, and orders received by post are being despatched.

The Booklet

The Miracle Rosary booklet contains a far wider choice of possible response to the Hail Mary that the CDs. Get in on this way of praying the Rosary, and you are most unlikely to ever again have difficulty concentrating as you pray it. Not merely that, but it will open to you to a whole range of blessings.

The booklet costs about the price of a postage stamp, and is the same price as "A Shower of Blessings", "Dear Lord I'm Desperate", "To Pray With The Voice of Jesus" and "The World's Most Amazing Experience". Thus one can order any mixture to avail of bulk rates. See price list.


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