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A Booklet That Could Change Your Life

Jesus desires for you to become the most wonderful person that you can possibly become. He desires to lead you into a life of true excellence. Along the way the Sacrament of Confession can become a sacrament of ongoing healing for you? It can become part of an exciting voyage of self-discovery, and of the experience of God's love and mercy. It can become the sacrament which enables you to be delivered from the compulsive weaknesses that have been holding you back.

This however isn't the way most currently experience Confession. There are steps to take if the sacrament of Confession is to become for you the wonderful gift that God desires it to be. This booklet contains the secret.

This booklet is the same price as 'God has a plan for you' and 'But I get nothing out of Mass'. See our Price List for more details.

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